welcome to the
tone of the dark woods

Next to our custom shop, we have decided that it is time to come up with some series models.
You have plenty of options to alter the design of the pickups - with or without cover, with or without top plate, cover finish, bobbincolor, slug/screw plating, cover design…
you name it, we make it, if the parts are available.

Our take on the classic humbucker sound of the late 50s/early 60s.
We don’t use the magical 3 letters, because we don’t make a replica, we've just made
a damn good pickup set, that is capable of everything from Jazz to Hard Rock.



When you are looking for a working horse set, that can handle
everything from Jazz to Metal, this should be your choice.


You love Metal? You want a sound that tears down walls? Well, here you are. 

Yes, you can use them clean-ish, too, but the main focus are the heavy tones